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Steps for a Successful Podcast Recording

Nowadays, podcasting seems to be the trend, and it is not slowing down. Podcasting is cheap and straightforward, making it approachable for most people. However, it can have a learning curve to it, especially when it comes to recording quality podcasts. You should consider the following steps to ensure your podcast recording is effective, simple, and offers the best quality.

Podcast Recording Equipment

The fact that there are different voices involved makes podcast recording equipment a challenge. The simplest recording setup is often the best for podcasting and does not break your bank. It would help if you had podcast recording software, a podcast microphone, headphones, and podcast recording hardware. With this equipment, you are good to go and ready to record a quality podcast.

Podcast Audio Recording

Quality audio recordings are the key to well-produced podcasts. While recording, ensure you choose the right environment. It does not have to be a professional studio, as most podcasts are self-produced nowadays.

Also, ensure you have proper microphone technique. The distance from the microphone, it’s positioning, and accessories are key determinants when recording podcasts.

Finally, it is essential to monitor your recording levels. The peak of the mic while recording should be between 10 and 12 dB. Ensure you listen to and monitor what you are recording. You can use a visual meter to check your recording levels.

Remote Recording

Most podcasters have some sort of interview on their shows, and these interviews are often remotely conducted instead of in-person. There is no specific way of recording remotely, but you need to capture quality recording in the best way. Zoom is a vital app when capturing quality remote recordings.

Podcast Editing

Editing your podcasts is the most tedious and time-consuming part of the production process. Nonetheless, it is a vital step if you want a high-quality show that can retain your listeners. When editing, make sure you watch your tone, remove clicks and lip smacks from the audio, and copy and paste quality breaths and consonants. Also, ensure you use a good headphone to help these.

Mixing and Mastering

Having a well-edited show is the first part of having a quality podcast. You will often come across podcasts with great and desirable content, but the audio quality is wanting. It may be a podcast where one voice is louder and the other softer, or it could be an echoey, distorted, or noisy dialogue track.

By properly mixing and mastering, you can eliminate or reduce audio issues arising in your podcast.

You can use a podcast to express your message to the world. It is an effective marketing strategy, an excellent creative outlet, and an approachable way to get your voice heard. Ensuring you have the right recording equipment selection and the recording environment is free from distraction can help you end up with a great podcast.…

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How to Use the New WhatsApp QR Codes to Add People to WhatsApp

Android and iOS users can now use the new WhatsApp codes. WhatsApp has already tested the option to quickly and easily add contacts to the application through QR (Quick Response) codes. This option was available only in the iOS beta, but later they were also released for the Android beta.

WhatsApp QR codeHow to test WhatsApp QR codes?

The option is only available for the beta version. If you have not yet tried the beta test, you may find it closed. The good thing is that if you are an Android user, you can install the APK of this version to enjoy this feature. Once you have the corresponding version installed, you can use the QR codes. You will only have to go to the settings menu located in the upper right part of the screen to do this.

On the side of your name, you will see a QR code. When you press, it will activate your code so that when another user scans it, the contact is added to our list, and we can talk with him. If you already have a specific contact on your list, then what happens when you scan the code is that it automatically opens the conversation you already had with that user, or a new one is created in case they have never talked or you have deleted the conversation. The truth is that this is the most comfortable option to add a person to WhatsApp since the code can be sent by any means, and then you only need to scan it for it to work.

What Happens If Someone Passes My QR Code to Someone I Don’t Want to Have on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp codeIf you don’t need your code to be shared with people you don’t know so they can start sending you messages, you can change the QR code from the same option where you open it to share it.

You will see the share button and the settings button in the upper-right part of this screen. If you press on the three vertical points, the option to reset the QR code will appear. A QR code will be generated for your account, and the one created previously will no longer work for them to continue adding you to WhatsApp.

It is not an infallible option because anyone with your phone number will send you messages in the application. Later, WhatsApp will add a function in which only new users can add you only with QR codes.…