Looking for a Camera Drone? Here Is What to Consider When Getting One

Drones can capture spectacular images from angles that were previously impossible unless you had a helicopter at your disposal. The best of all is that prices are becoming more accessible. Whether you want to create professional videos and photos for your business or take stunning selfies, you will get the right type. There are several features you should factor in when looking for a camera drone. They include:

Camera Type

drone photography

Inexpensive drones typically have a 720p or 1080p camera, which is fine if you’re just getting started in aerial photography. Many also include additional features such as FPV mode (it means that we can see the images in real-time from a Smartphone). On the other hand, if you are looking for a professional drone, make sure it has an HD camera of no less than 12 megapixels with a good quality image stabilizer.


This characteristic has to do with the distance and height that your drone can reach, in relation to the command control. Initiation drones can have a range of between 50 and 100 meters, while the professionals reach distances of up to 5 kilometers. It is recommended that if you want to fly your drone outdoors, opt for a range of no less than 60 meters.

drone technologyPortability

It is very important that you feel comfortable carrying your drone, especially if you plan to use it for travel. That is why the top companies in the market are taking the issue of practicality in their designs very seriously. Today there is a great variety of folding drones, but if you choose a model with a size and consistency that is comfortable for you, it is enough.

Transmission System

The best quality professional drones have a transmission system capable of supporting dual transmission bands of approximately 4GHz and 5.8GHz. This means that the images captured by the camera will be displayed on your phone in real time with a higher speed.

camera droneSmart Features

When choosing a mid or high-end drone, always opt for the one that offers you more and better features at the best price. Intelligent flight functions allow you to capture creative quality images with less effort. A simple example is the QuickShot feature, with which you can automatically fly and record in a pre-set direction. Or the “ActiveTrack” that allows you to recognize and follow a subject automatically while recording. Consider all these factors to choose the best.…